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Working for an electric cooperative is a smart career move. Co-ops offer competitive salaries and excellent benefits, and they’re always on the lookout for talented and resourceful people. This page includes information about job opportunities available at both North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives in Raleigh and at electric cooperatives based in communities across North Carolina.

Positions available at North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives in Raleigh:

The job listings immediately below are for North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives, the group of cooperative organizations in Raleigh that work for the 26 electric cooperatives located throughout the state. This group includes: North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation, the power supplier to the co-ops; the North Carolina Association of Electric Cooperatives, the trade association providing services to them; and the Tarheel Electric Membership Association, the organization that supplies the cooperatives with the materials necessary to maintain their modern, sophisticated systems.

Positions available at local electric cooperatives throughout North Carolina:

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