Visit the “Field of Dreams” at the N.C. State Fair, supported by N.C. Electric Cooperatives

The much-anticipated North Carolina State Fair, not held since 2019, is happening now at the State Fairgrounds and runs until Oct. 24. At this year’s event, North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives are sponsoring the “Field of Dreams” exhibit, which allows kids to “harvest” crops and learn about agriculture, our state’s number one industry.

“North Carolina’s electric cooperatives are committed to supporting our state’s youth,” said Hailey Rodriguez, communications and community relations specialist for North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives. “We see this sponsorship as an opportunity to bring a little bit of the farm to those who may not otherwise be able to experience N.C. agriculture firsthand.”

At the annual Field of Dreams exhibit, children are invited to spend time on a miniature farm, where they traverse specialty gardens, making connections between the food they see growing and the food they love to see on their plates. It will also feature a rabbit race, coloring contest, photo booth, and more. The exhibit is now in its 18th year and was created to address a gap in understanding as many North Carolinians moved further away from a life centered on farming.

“The fair was founded on educating both farmers and the public about the importance of agriculture, and Field of Dreams is the perfect place to teach children where their food comes from ­— their parents and grandparents always learn a thing or two as well,” said N.C. State Fair Manager Kent Yelverton. “Without partners like North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives, the N.C. State Fair wouldn’t be the immersive experience that it is today.”

“If you’re at the State Fair this year, we encourage you to stop by and explore the exhibit!” Rodriguez said.