Union Power Becomes A “Bee Friendly” Partner for 4-H Club

Union Power Cooperative is building some buzz in partnership with the Union County 4-H Beekeeping Club, recently becoming one of the organization’s first “Bee Friendly” Partners to sponsor a child in 4-H Beekeeping.

The 4-H Beekeeping Club enables today’s youth to learn about bees and the art of beekeeping – helping to advance bee conservation efforts and empower communities with the education, tools, supplies, and bees needed to support sustainable agriculture in the area.

“We knew there was an interest and some public awareness, but we also wanted to get the kids who were interested in beekeeping and the community involved,” said George Hunnicutt, 4-H Club leader and Union Power member. “Since beekeeping was the first of its kind in NC 4-H, we also knew that we faced a few challenges with funding.”

The beekeepers came up with a creative idea for a new source of funding. They created the “Bee Friendly” Partners Program and invited local businesses and other bee supporters to “adopt a beehive,” as a way to teach youth about the important role bees play in agriculture, the different types and styles of beehives, the various parts and functions of bee colonies, and the roles of each kind of bee found in a hive.

“I think this is yet, another way for Union Power to do our part and show that we care about what’s happening in our communities,” said Union Power Vice President of Key Accounts and Government Relations Luanne Sherron. “The benefits are two-fold – it allows us to spread our wings and help get kids involved and interested in beekeeping, and the agricultural benefits will continue to impact the people we serve in mighty ways for years to come.”