Tideland EMC Energizes New Substation

Last month, Tideland EMC energized its new Fairfield Harbour substation in Craven County. The co-op moved 2,911 metered services to the new substation. Most of those services had previously been served by the co-op’s Silver Hill substation in Grantsboro, while 350 received power from the Edward substation in Beaufort County.

In recent years, the demand for power during cold weather events began to tax Silver Hill’s capacity. The new substation not only alleviates those concerns but also eliminates many miles of line between the servicing substation and end-of-line members in Fairfield Harbour and Ernul.

In addition to substation construction, the $6 million project included new feeder circuits built along Broad Creek Road in New Bern.

Tideland EMC’s new Fairfield Harbour substation