Support for Annual ‘4-H Citizenship NC Focus’ Event Brings New Skills, Opportunities to State’s Youth

North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives sponsored this year’s 4-H Citizenship North Carolina Focus conference, which virtually brought together 75 youth and 26 adults representing 44 North Carolina counties. Participants enjoyed three days of facilitated discussions and activities focused on building important life skills and creating a greater understanding of advocacy, local and state government.

“Citizenship North Carolina Focus is an annual three-day event, where youth from across the state come together to develop leadership and citizenship skills through participation in workshops and group sessions,” said Sarah Kotzian, youth and adult citizenship and engagement specialist, North Carolina 4-H, NC State Extension. “By gathering to exchange ideas, delegates learn about the importance of being active and engaged citizens.”

Under the theme CommUnity, a combination of the words Community and Unity, 4-Her’s in this virtual environment supported and encouraged each other through problem-solving activities and affirmed their commitment to community – a principle shared by electric cooperatives.

“We are all stronger when we work together,” said Hailey Rodriguez, communications and community relations specialist for North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives. “This conference emphasized the importance of individual responsibility and action, particularly engaging in the civic process and working effectively with those around to build a stronger community and a brighter future for us all.”

Kotzian thanked North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives for supporting this year’s conference. “We are grateful to North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives for their support and for the instrumental role they play in helping to shape this conference and provide civic engagement opportunities to youth across the state.”