Safety is a Year Round Lesson; North Carolina’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives Offer Safety Tips To Parents

Raleigh, N.C. With school out for summer, many young children are eager to play outside. However, according to a recent University of Michigan study, 200,000 children a year suffer injuries that require hospital emergency room treatment just from playground-equipment related accidents. That number doesn’t even begin to include bug or animal bites, dehydration or one of the most common reasons for hospital visits, bicycle accidents. North Carolina’s Touchstone Energy cooperatives offer you these Touchstone Energy Safety Tips to help you keep your children safe while enjoying summer vacation.

  • Your own backyard can be hazardous spot. Before you let your child play with shovels and dig in the backyard, make sure that they are not digging where there are underground utility lines. If you are unsure where underground lines are in your yard, you can call the North Carolina One-Call Center at 1-800-632-4949. If someone accidentally comes in contact with an underground utility line, leave the area immediately and tell others to stay away. Contact 9-1-1 and the local utility as soon as possible and report even minor damage.
  • Overhead power lines can also be dangerous. If your child is climbing in trees make sure no power lines aren’t near. Kites and model airplanes should only be flown in large open areas. If a kite or airplane gets stuck in a tree near a power line, don’t attempt to remove it. If you are ever unsure of what to do in a situation where electricity or a power line is involved, stay away and call your local utility company right away.

One of the most important parts of summertime safety is making sure that your child knows what to do to be safe. Follow these Touchstone Energy Tips from North Carolina’s electric cooperatives to ensure your family has a fun, but safe, summer vacation. With school out, it’s your time to be both a parent and teacher and educate your child on outside safety.