Randolph EMC Brings New Substation Online

Randolph EMC recently dedicated its new Asheboro Substation with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by REMC staff, local government officials and representatives of North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives.

“What makes the new Asheboro Substation’s location special is that the original property for Randolph EMC’s first substation is located at its driveway entrance,” said Randolph EMC CEO Dale Lambert. “That original small substation that served the first energized members was replaced in the 1950s. It has served its purpose and was retired when the new Asheboro substation came online.”

The new substation was deemed necessary to upgrade the area and the capacity. The $2 million project serves nearly 1,400 members and currently utilizes 11 MW of capacity with room for a total 20 MW capacity.

“The new Asheboro Substation was constructed to meet future growth on the east and south side of Asheboro,” Lambert said. “It combines today’s highest safety standards with the latest technology to ensure safe and reliable electric service for many decades to come.”