Piedmont Electric Sunflowers Will Support Pollinators

Piedmont Electric, based in Hillsborough, has partnered with the N.C. Department of Transportation Wildflower Program to plant a pollinator field of sunflowers alongside I-40 westbound at the Buckhorn Road exit in Mebane.

The sunflowers will support a wide variety of pollinators such as the honey bee and monarch butterfly, which contribute to the production of local crops.

“We’re a part of this vibrant community, and as such it’s our responsibility to take care of our environment and support our local communities which include our farmers,” said Susan Cashion, Piedmont Electric VP, Chief Compliance and Administrative Officer. “Growing this pollinator field in our service area through this partnership with the NCDOT will have far-reaching benefits beyond those needed for our farms and wildlife.”

Be on the lookout for black oil sunflowers blooming off Exit 157 this September and October. These smaller variety sunflowers are annuals and are a favorite among common birds such as cardinals and goldfinches. In spring 2020, a larger variety sunflower will be planted at this exit that also attracts butterflies, bees and humming birds. These towering 4–6 foot sunflowers will bloom in July and August of 2020.