North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives Stand Ready to Respond to Winter Weather

North Carolina’s electric cooperatives are monitoring weather conditions and are prepared to respond quickly if power outages occur as a result of the approaching winter storm. Up-to-date statewide co-op outage numbers can be accessed anytime via our Live Outage Map.

Snow and ice can lead to power outages, especially if tree branches fall onto power lines. If outages occur, line crews are in place and will be ready to restore power as soon as conditions allow them to do so safely.

Cooperative members are encouraged to prepare now for winter weather by developing a family communications plan and stocking an emergency preparedness kit with supplies like food, water, medicines and first-aid supplies, blankets and flashlights.

Connect with your local electric cooperative to stay aware of the latest information before, during and after the storm. Watch this video for more winter storm safety tips or visit our Winter Weather Safety page.

Electric cooperative members are asked to report power outages or any dangerous situations caused by the storm to their local electric cooperative.