NC Co-ops Vote: Make your Voice Heard

This year, North Carolina co-op voters will have the opportunity to vote for candidates who will represent them in D.C. and Raleigh. North Carolina’s electric cooperatives are advocating for these voters and their issues through NC Co-ops Vote, a non-partisan effort to encourage the 2.5 million electric co-op members in 93 of the state’s 100 counties to be educated, engaged voters. 

As part of this effort, co-op employees and members will be monitoring candidates positions on co-op issues including broadband, economic development, infrastructure, and more. The last few years have seen greater awareness and steps taken to improve the quality of life for co-op members in mostly rural communities. This election will provide an opportunity to continue that progress.  

Photo Credit: Mike Hensdill/The Gaston Gazette

North Carolina’s electric cooperatives continuously engage with elected officials to advocate for issues important to co-op members. As part of our NC Co-ops Vote program, co-op employees and members will attend campaign events for national and statewide races in their communities.  They will present a united front by wearing a NC Co-ops Vote “Yellow Shirt” to provide unity and emphasize the co-op presence.  

 Last month, Brad Bridges from Rutherford EMC represented NC Co-ops Vote at a candidate forum in Gastonia. At this event, Bridges had the chance to speak with several candidates and hear about their priorities if elected to office. 

“As a co-op member and employee, I stay informed on the issues that impact our community. Last month, I was able to hear first-hand from several candidates for statewide office about how they would serve our state,” said Bridges. “While co-op voters may not agree on every single candidate, if we are educated on what each candidate stands for, we can make better decisions at the ballot box.” 

During each event, co-op members and employees will look for opportunities to ask each candidate the “Co-op Question:” “I’m a member of ___ Electric Cooperative, what is your plan to encourage energy innovation while maintaining affordable, reliable electricity for residential consumers like me?” NC Co-ops Vote will engage with candidates from both sides of the aisle and will not endorse any candidates for election. 

 With North Carolina’s primary election taking place on March 3rd, there will be several upcoming opportunities to attend a campaign event with NC Co-ops Vote. To stay updated on upcoming opportunities and voter information, like NC Co-ops Vote on Facebook and follow us on Twitter using @NCCoopsVote