NC Co-ops Shoot Winning Videos

Videos produced by Tri-County EMC and Four County EMC were recognized in this year’s Video Voltage Awards, an annual contest through SEDC, a utility software provider. SEDC uses the contest as a creative means to promote its members and their use of its products and services.

Tri-County EMC’s entry, “I Live a Co-op Life,” drew on the musical talents of employees to sing the praises of a co-op life. The video received the top prize, as well as an award for Best Dance Moves and/or Best Original Lyrics. The co-op received a total of $3,450 in prize money for the video, which will be given to its employee-funded scholarship program.

Four County EMC received a nod in the Best [or Worst] Costumes category for its aptly named video “SEDC Unicorns and Minions.” The co-op was awarded $450 for the video, with plans for the prize as yet to be determined.

“The entries were stellar – we had amazing songs, excellent acting, thrilling game shows, and primetime-worthy soaps,” SEDC said in announcing the winners. “Every year the competition gets better and better.”

(Left to right) Tri-County EMC Manager of Engineering Tony Grantham joins Engineer David Thornton in singing about the co-op life.