Lumbee River EMC Linemen Meet an Admirer During Restoration in Georgia

Lumbee River EMC had the opportunity to assist Southern Rivers Energy in Barnesville, Georgia, following Hurricane Irma. LREMC sent 10 linemen to the state to assist in system restoration efforts.

First-Class Powerline Technician David Humphrey shared one of his experiences from the trip:

I’ve had something on my heart and mind since the first full day we’ve been working this storm in Georgia. [LREMC First-Class Powerline Technician] Mike Lowry and I were riding out a line looking for any damage or trouble, and we had to park our truck at a home and walk part of the line that wasn’t accessible. Walking back to the truck, a little girl and her mother came out the back door. The little girl asked me: “Mr. Light Man, are u gonna get our lights on?”

I replied, “We are trying, baby, and we should have them on very soon.”

The mother started crying and thanked us and began pleading with us to please do our best; they were having a really hard time. And just before getting in the truck, the little girl yelled, “Mr. Light Man, can I give you a hug?” And I replied, “Of course!” She ran up to me and squeezed me tight and she said, “You’re our hero!”

I can’t explain how good that made me feel! And honestly, even if I was working for free, just that moment would have made it well worth it! I am blessed to be in a profession that I love. Our job is hard, rigorous, dangerous, demanding – it’s not something any and every one can do, and we often get overlooked when the light bulbs are burning. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I am blessed. And I want to thank all my brothers here with me, I’m proud of you all, and I am honored to be among you!

Photo from Southern Rivers Energy