Haywood EMC Hosts Kenan Fellow Noal Castater

In July, Waynesville-based Haywood EMC had the pleasure of hosting Waynesville Middle School’s Noal Castater as a 2020–2021 Kenan Fellow. For three weeks, Castater worked side by side with co-op employees, exploring how power is generated and distributed, the history of the electric cooperative model and how Haywood EMC is innovating its services and enhancing systems to continue to meet and exceed the expectations of members.

Castater spends time in the bucket during a pole change.

“I look forward to teaching my students the many STEM lessons learned during my time spent with Haywood EMC. Seeing the way power is distributed on the supply side of the meter was a unique opportunity and I can’t wait to share my experience with students,” Castater said. “I am also excited to encourage my students to explore the vast career opportunities that exist within the cooperative.”

Castater learns HEMC’s warehouse inventory processes with HEMC Purchasing Agent Tim Burnette.

His fellowship was made possible through a partnership between Haywood EMC, North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives and the Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership based at N.C. State University.