Faster EV Charging Coming to Hatteras Island

Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative (CHEC) is working with North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives to bring another EV charging station to Hatteras Island this fall. In an effort to expand North Carolina’s rural EV charging network, a DC fast charger will be installed in Avon. The 62.5kw charger will offer drivers a quick charge, taking 20 to 30  minutes to refuel, as opposed to the hours it can take to replenish a battery at other types of stations.

The DC fast charger is made by ChargePoint, the same brand of CHEC’s already deployed Level 2 chargers located in Rodanthe and Hatteras. Since last year, CHEC has had more than 60 unique drivers charge their vehicles at these cooperative-owned stations.

“The new station will be installed in the parking area of the Avon Pier/Pangea Tavern, a centralized location close to many shopping, recreational and dining options for drivers to enjoy while charging,” said CHEC Director of Public Relations & Marketing Laura Ertle. “It is our hope that bringing a DC fast charger to Hatteras Island will attract new visitors, stimulate the local economy and pave the way for the future of EVs on the Outer Banks.”