Dirk Burleson Appointed New General Manager of Rutherford EMC

Joe Joplin retired as general manager of Rutherford EMC on February 3 after 46 years of service to the co-op. Following his retirement, the Rutherford EMC Board of Directors appointed Dirk Burleson as the new general manager.

“Joe displayed exceptional leadership and an extensive knowledge of the electric industry,” Burleson said. “He devoted himself to REMC wholeheartedly in the performance of his duties and responsibilities. REMC’s board of directors, employees and members wish him many happy and healthy years of retirement.”

Burleson has been an employee of REMC for 36 years and has worked his way through the ranks of construction, staking and engineering, member services and district manager. He was promoted to vice president of Member and Corporate Services in 1996 and worked alongside general manager Gary Whitener for 10 years. He then continued to carry out his job duties over the last 15 years working alongside Joplin in the Forest City General Office.

“I will strive to continue providing safe, reliable electric service that our members are accustomed to receiving and do it at the lowest possible cost” Burleson said.