Central Electric-Sponsored Kenan Fellow Shares the Co-op Way

Last year, Central Electric sponsored Daria Fedrick, a career technology teacher at Bragg Street Academy in Sanford, through the Kenan Fellows program. Once her time with the program and the co-op were complete, Fedrick decided to share the experience with her students.

As a part of her class curriculum, Fedrick’s class formed their own co-op, all the way from a not-for-profit business model to an acting board of directors that helped guide the co-op’s decision-making process. Thus, Bragg Street’s “Sugar Shack” came to life.

Kenan Fellow Daria Fedrick used her experience at Central Electric to start a candy co-op with her class. Photo courtesy of Lee County Schools

Each student became an active member of the newly formed candy cooperative, working together to sell candy via the school’s “behavior points” system. Some students worked on filling orders, while others took on roles of customer service and marketing the product to students in the school. At the end of the project, margins were divided and distributed back to the students.

“Thank you to Central Electric and its members for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Kenan Fellows program, and most importantly for the experience it provided to my students,” Fedrick said. “Not only were my students able to experience first-hand the benefits of the not-for-profit business model, but also the commitment the co-op has to its members and the community.”

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