Central Electric Issues $30,000 in Operation Round Up Grants

Several nonprofits recently benefited from grant funding through Central Electric’s Operation Round Up program. Over $30,000 is being put back into the surrounding communities to provide assistance for worthy projects including eye glasses for a vision clinic, power bill assistance, an early literacy and parent engagement program, Special Olympics participation fees and more.

Josh Mellette, Program Director, accepts a grant check for $2,587 on behalf of the St. Provision Community Development Corp.

“Operation Round Up shows the power of small donations made by a large group of individuals,” said Nancy Gust, Central Electric Member Care Trust Administrator. “Central Electric’s members have truly made a tremendous impact on our local communities by donating as little as 1 cent and at most 99 cents each month. Since 2013, these small donations have resulted in over $540,000 in grants being awarded to organizations throughout the community, showing how much our members really care about making a difference.”

Voluntary contributions are made to the Central Electric Member Care Trust, and grants are awarded for worthy projects by the Member Care Trust Board of Directors.