Randolph EMC Launches Outage Text Program

Randolph EMC recently launched an outage text alert program called SPOTT (Status of Power Outages Through Text). The program, facilitated through TextPower, is designed to be simple and convenient — members who have a mobile phone number listed on their account can text a number to join.

“We realize our members have embraced new technology and want to integrate these capabilities into their everyday routines,” CEO Dale Lambert said. “Our plan is to use these text alerts to respond quickly and provide them with the information they need.”

The goal of this program is to provide a convenient way to stay connected during a power outage. If the membership is able to use the everyday accessibility of text messaging, they’ll be able to receive outage notifications in real time, allowing them to make plans accordingly.

“For example, if a member planned to cook their family dinner at home, but received a SPOTT Alert while picking up their kids from school, they could go straight to a restaurant for dinner instead of coming home to a dark home without power to fix dinner,” said Communications & Outreach Specialist Kathleen Duckworth.

“It all comes down to providing better service to our member-owners,” Lambert said.

Once initiated by the member, the program utilizes simple commands to facilitate an exchange of information between Randolph EMC and the member. For example, a member can report an outage by texting “OUT” or request information about the status of an outage by texting “STATUS.”

Randolph EMC members can visit https://randolphemc.com/SPOTT for more information or to enroll in the SPOTT Alert program.