Youth Tour

The 2024 Youth Tour is scheduled for June 15-21.

Trust us — we know you want to be independent and free, but college is another year away. We’ve got just the thing for you, and mom and dad will love it because it’s educational and won’t cost them a penny!

It’s called The Youth Tour, and it’s an opportunity for you to go to Washington, D.C. with about 45 other rising seniors from all over North Carolina. When you get to D.C., you’ll join 1,800 students from across the nation there for the same purpose – to visit the Smithsonian, Capitol Hill, Arlington National Cemetery and several memorials. You’ll learn about American history and the electric cooperative business model. That’s pretty cool because it’s your local electric cooperative, the company that provides the power to your home, that’ll be giving you the scholarship to go on the trip.

The bonus? This trip looks great on college applications, and you’ll become friends with people that you never would have met otherwise. Youth Tour delegates are also eligible to apply for two college scholarships: the $2,000 Katie Bunch Memorial Scholarship, and the $2,500 Gwen B. Price Scholarship. Find out more information about the trip from a national perspective at, and if you’re interested in applying, use the “Find Your Co-op” link in the box to the right to contact your sponsoring electric cooperative.

Youth Leadership Council

In 1976, the Board of Directors of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) partnered with local electric cooperatives and electric cooperative statewide associations to create the Youth Leadership Council (YLC). One high school student per state is selected each year to serve on the Council.

The YLC program aims to develop strong leadership, presentation and advocacy skills in America’s most promising young leaders. NRECA coordinates a series of educational workshops for the YLC, which covers topics like the cooperative business model, grassroots advocacy, community service and careers in public service.

Some of the highlights of being selected to represent North Carolina include:

  • Attending the Youth Leadership Council Conference during the summer following the Youth Tour.
  • Representing North Carolina at the NRECA Annual Meeting, usually held in spring. The YLC representative takes part in the 14,000-delegate meeting by assisting with the information booth, pressroom, backstage trade show booths, committee rooms and meetings, copy room and ushering.
  • Participating in the North Carolina Statewide Annual Meeting in Raleigh.

Selection is based on an application, public speaking ability and interaction with fellow youth tourists and advisors.

As an added incentive, the North Carolina YLC representative receives a $2,000 college scholarship.

For more information, please contact your local electric cooperative.