Beneficial Electrification

New electric technologies for commercial, agricultural and industrial businesses are emerging rapidly, providing unmatched process efficiency solutions. Using electricity instead of fossil fuels – beneficial electrification – can yield benefits that include cost savings, higher productivity and reduced emissions.

Beneficial Electrification and Your Business

As technology advances, electric cooperatives are identifying new ways to electrify agricultural and commercial processes and make them cleaner, smarter and cheaper. Some examples include:

  • Electric Irrigation: Electric irrigation pumps offer increased efficiency, lower operating costs and better reliability than their diesel counterparts, offering an array of benefits to farmers cultivating crops, raising livestock and improving land utilization.
  • Electric Equipment: Electric forklifts are more efficient, quieter and cost significantly less to maintain than fossil fuel forklifts. The same is true of Electric Transportation Refrigeration Units, or eTRUS, which are gaining momentum as interest in online shopping for and the delivery of refrigerated foods grows. North Carolina’s electric cooperatives have capabilities and incentives in place to support the transition to electric equipment.
  • Indoor Agriculture: The controlled, consistent environment of an indoor facility offers new economic opportunities for farm owners. Indoor agriculture is energy intensive, and the state’s electric cooperatives are working with indoor farmers to provide new solutions for energy management.

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