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Evacuation Planning

  • Minimize the distance you must travel to reach a safe location. The longer the drive, the higher the likelihood of encountering traffic problems and congestion. 
  • Do not get on the road without a planned route or a place to go.  
  • Consider the home of the closest friend or relative outside of designated evacuation zones and discuss your plan with them before the hurricane hits.  
  • Choose a hotel/motel outside of the vulnerable area.  
  • If neither of these options is available, select the closest possible public shelter.   
  • Use the evacuation routes designated by authorities, and if possible, become familiar with it before an evacuation order is issued.  
  • Contact your local emergency management office to register or get information regarding anyone in your household who may require special evacuation assistance.  
  • Include pets in your evacuation, most public shelters do not accept pets.
  • Before you leave your home, board up doors and windows, put unsecured yard objects indoors and turn off all utilities.  
  • Before the hurricane hits, fill your car with gas. 
  • Have cash on hand. 
  • Take all prescription medicines and special medical items, such as glasses and diapers.  
  • If your family evacuation plan includes an RV, boat or trailer, leave early. Do not wait until the evacuation order or exodus is well underway to start your trip.  
  • When an evacuation order is delivered, depart immediately.  
  • Expect traffic congestion and delays during evacuations. Expect and plan for significantly longer travel times than normal to reach your family's intended destination.
  • Stay tuned to a local radio or television station and listen carefully for advisories or specific instructions from local officials. Monitor NOAA weather radio.

The following information is provided by the National Hurricane Center, a division of the National Weather Service.



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